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Apakah ada silabus dari course Mastering Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Berikut silabus dari course : Mastering Mobile Marketing Strategy

Learning Objectives

+ Able to identify the first and foremost sales channel to focus on, based on past performance and future goals.
+ Able to design marketing funnel to convert target market into sales.
+ Able to develop key conversion path for pre-sales activities.
+ Able to design targeted and measurable marketing campaign.
+ Able to develop content marketing for the mobile target audience.

Daily Forms/Activities:

Day 1: Measuring Your Marketing Goals
Day 2: Knowing Your Customers
Day 3: Marketing Funnel Backward Design
Day 4: Sales Channel Preparation
Day 5: Understanding Why Customers Buy
Day 6: User-Generated Content
Day 7: Content Marketing
Day 8: Search Engine Optimization
Day 9: Email Marketing
Day 10: Social Media Marketing
Day 11: Campaign Design
Day 12: Analytics
Day 13: Editorial Calendar
Day 14: Influencer Marketing
Day 15: Facebook/Instagram Advertising
Day 16: Custom and Lookalike Audience
Day 17: Retargeting
Day 18: Omni-Channel Marketing
Day 19: Marketing Automation
Day 20: KEEP and GROW Marketing Funnel